Solar Excellence Center

The Solar Excellence Centre is a local research centre to train the Somali youth in renewable energy.


HBDTC over the two years since the establishment of the Solar Excellence Centre over 100 trainees completed electrical and solar installation on one-year certificate and two-year diplomas. 


HBTDC has also taken part in solar-related projects, in early 2019 the Solar Excellence Centre installed 207 solar streetlights in Mogadishu. In 2019, the Solar Excellence Centre has also worked on affordable solar energy projects with the distribution of solar lamps to rural villages in Somalia.


The TVET centre also researches on sustainable innovative solutions for example farmers using solar-powered fruit driers.


With a clear rise in solar-related companies, the trainees with solar training are now in high demand. The centre aims to continue its TVET training programs to support the national workforce and support local businesses. 

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