Metal Processing
and Welding

This TVET program has six modules, after following and successfully completing the six modules the trainee would receive a craft certificate as a Metal Processing & Welding Technician.


The training program consists of Health, Safety & Environment, typical work operations such as cutting, grinding, welding and machining using factory machines and different welding tools at the Solar Excellence Center and HBG factory. 

During your studies at Hayle Barise trainees will take part in a three work placement as part of the training program, the companies include, Coca Cola Company, Dalsan Water, Hamar Water Development Company, HBG, and many more.

The TVET training programs taught at Hayle Barise are accredited by the Ministry of Education Culture and Higher Education, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Somali Chamber of Commerce.



2 Years 6 Months Diploma Course

What can they do after the course?

During the TVET Diploma course we have a 3 month internship program where trainees work with partnered companies 4 days a week and one day at the centre this improved technical skills and increases employability after graduation. 

Course Starts

September 2020 – April 2023


Highschool Certificate
Pass the MOECHE and HBTDC entrance exam


16-35 (Highschool Graduate)

Support I will get

At the centre the trainees are supported through free transportation to and from the centre.




The address is Balad Rd, Yaqshid District, Mogadishu, Somalia at the Hayle Barise Technical Development Centre 

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